Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sending out my first Mail Art!

I'm sending my first ever piece of mail art into the world!  It was lots of fun.  Of course I'm not smart enough to think of scanning it before addressing and sealing, which would have been much easier...
I would be a bit intimidated to send it to Her Royal Highness, Queen of Mail Art, except that she is an exquisitely kindhearted person.  And after much questioning of what to put in, I decided that it didn't matter!  What is SO FUN is getting the mail. 
Please take a look at Roben-Marie's mail art, which was featured in March/April 2010 Somerset Studio

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking to Spring...

This little bird in my backyard birdbath is looking to spring, just like I am.  I hope you have some beautiful things that you're looking forward to: birdsong, walks in the woods, making art; whatever makes your heart feel joyous.  Don't wait--do it!  Post it and leave me  a comment linked to your blog.  I would love to see what lightens your spirit. 
Here's a lighten-your-spirit suggestion: my friend, Trudy, is starting an online group for Artistic Mothers with little time for their art-making.  She's using Shona Cole's new book, the Artistic Mother.  If you are an artist/mom with little challenges running around, I'll bet you would enjoy teaming up with Trudy.