Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goin' in Circles...and an experiment with fabric

In this one I used Adirondack Spray Inks. stencils, gesso, colored pencils, and a white grease pencil.  I did mention that these are plain old file folders, right?  How brilliant is that?


Today I ironed some canvas, or duck cloth onto freezer paper and ran it through my new Epson printer.  It worked great!  Then I used some colored pencils to color them up.  I'd love to know how you use fabric pieces like this in your art work, so please leave a comment and give me some ideas.  

So, so cute, house in Aspen

Beautiful door in Italy

Ahhhh, Venice...what can I say?  Eye candy everywhere.



  1. your file folder pics are fabulous.. do u scan them? I don't hv a scanner, digital pics will hv to do for me... I love your art.. wow!! I AM SO LOVING THIS CLASS!

  2. Hello Deb..I have just checked out your blog and thought you might be Interested in this group...Its all about transfer and may be of some help to you...Donna

  3. Hello Deb...Thank you for your appreciated comment..."Hope you get lots of great guidance from the transfer group"..Donna