Monday, December 20, 2010

Why do I use the same colors over and over??? Must change. Must change!

After scanning some really soft acrylic-painted backgrounds,  I added brushes in Photoshop Elements.  I love, love brushes!  Can't get enough of them!  Then I played with layer styles.  These two use both overlay and hard light styles on their own layers. 

Here I used several Rhonna Farrer Vintage Photo2 brushes and added more color to the heart.  I really liked this light blue, which I found accidentally while playing digital color and brushes


  1. Hi Rhonna, I found your blog a few days ago and I revisited it this morning because I could identify with your latest post and I am also going from paper to PE to manipulate. I also feel like I am coming up with the same colors again and again and am trying to force myself to work from a softer, more neutral palette but in PE I can't help but maximize all those great juicy colors! I also just realized that my kitchen clock is your design from Cafe Press! Too funny! I REALLY like your artwork and just wanted to say Hello. Happy Holidays!!

  2. I just adore these backgrounds you made!