Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspiration everywhere!

This is the beginning of my altered book art journal.  I found this very nice hard cover coffee table book at the library for $1. 

My first inspiration was  on ihanna's blog in the form of a wonderful tutorial.  I promptly joined her Postcard Swap 2011.  She is marvelously talented and fun.

My next inspiration came when I was on a rare shopping expedition and found gorgeous paper napkins at Marshall's for cheap, cheap.  Most of them were bird themed since that seems to be my spring sonata. 

Soon I was cutting and collaging and painting and drawing!  Too much fun!  The green diamond tape at the bottom is from Roben-Marie's Art Good Shop , although I don't think it is still available.  To get the pastel colors I mixed gesso with Golden Acrylic Paints.  I see that the napkin I used was designed by Kathryn White, and it is lovely. 

I hope you'll give this a try.  I'll post more pages soon, I hope.  Thank you, Luanne, for letting me know that someone is reading.  You are so kind!


  1. You out did yourself this time-just beautiful!

  2. This spread is gorgeous! Are you planning to journal on it or leave it just the way it is?

  3. After our conversation today, I wanted to catch up on your postings. It is great that you are feeling up to creating all these beautiful pieces! Your art brings joy to those who experience it.

  4. Wow I love this start to your journal. It's on my list of things to try also! I received my postcard from you today and wrote about you on my blog, hope you check it out. Greetings FL neighbor!!!
    PS: I love the name of your blog.