Monday, November 15, 2010

Make Art Every Day! Yeah!

Here I used gesso on the stencil, then pressed it into the page to get this negative design. Then a black pen to accent the flowers.  After the Adirondack spray inks, of course.  This is a real learning process for me and sometimes I feel like a complete failure.  But I just keep going until I see something I like.  

Thank you, Roben-Marie,  for showing me that I can do this!

This piece is number/letter stencils and all the colors that I love.  Maybe today I'll try using colors that I don't love...or maybe not.
I don't really like the white-ish spots on this one, but it was time to stop, so I did.

I joined a group who is making art every day this month.   

Also, check out Leah's beautiful artwork on her blog, Creative Every Day.


  1. BEAUTIFUL art, I just love the colors and depth!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog! Sometimes making art is the only way to really express deep emotions. I love the techniques you're using. The colors and textures are wonderful!

    :) Michelle

  3. Not trying is failure! Keep at it=it's beautiful

  4. beautiful beautiful!!! Your work is amazing... love love it.... your colors are fabulous!! I am right with you.. making art every day... and loving this class!

  5. By the way.. I'm doing art every day too fr this same blog.. don't u just love all the talent??? Amazing! so so inspiring!

  6. Pretty, came out very nice, lovely colors.