Sunday, April 10, 2011

The most interesting place...

My friend and I took a trip a couple of weeks ago to my most favorite city, Savannah.  We had a wonderful time doing the Savannah Schedule: walk, eat, shop, eat, talk, eat, sleep, get the picture. 

This was a little shop we saw on State Street and I couldn't resist going in to talk to the gregarious owner.  What a charming place!  Just like this city that I love so much. 

This was the first thing that drew us in...


 Then this...yes, that is a live plant crawling around among the stuff...

Who could resist poking their noses into this menagerie?

 Of course the name would be spelled out in keys!

Equally amazing on the inside...

And this kind lady was bursting with ideas for--what else--yummy places to eat!

If you have the chance to visit Savannah, you will never be the same.  As one gentleman put it, "It worms it's way into your soul and you will return every chance you get."  So true, sir.


  1. looks like such a beautiful place.. hubby and I wanna move to tybee island in a few years... hoping to live near sav year round! hugs xo

  2. I love this post so much. I'm so glad you ventured in! ^_^